Wkret-met LTX universal hammer driven fastener with plastic pin

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Article №Plug diameter, D /mm/Plug length, L /mm/Pcs in a box /package/Price
76121070-200 1070200 16.37 BGN
76121090-200 1090200 18.41 BGN
761210110-200 10110200 18.91 BGN
761210120-200 10120200 22.90 BGN
761210140-200 10140200 25.13 BGN
761210160-200 10160200 27.38 BGN
761210180-200 10180200 29.78 BGN
761210200-200 10200200 36.29 BGN
761210220-100 10220100 20.69 BGN
761210260-100 10260100 23.59 BGN

Wkret-met LTX universal hammer driven fastener with plastic pin - short expanion zone

Universla fastener for fastening of polystyrene in verious substrates (concrete, solid clay bricks, calcium silicatebricks, porous blocks, LAC lightweight aggragate, aerated concrete).

Characteristics and advantages of the product:

- New improved design of the expansion zone - Thanks to the new design of the expansion zone the fastener can be installed in all subtrate categories while maintaining its high strength parameters;

- Improved design of pin's head - ensures quality instalation;

- Innovative design of the plug - Greater stiffness of the support washer means better holding power of the material fixture;

- Innovative design of the plug - Large amount of pocket adhesives on the support washer increases the adhesiveness of the mortar;



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