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KAMFIX CARPENTRY SCREW, TORX CSK HEAD, TYPE 17 POINT * appropriate bit is included in every box

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Article №Diameter, d /mm/Length, L /mm/CoatingPcs in a box /package/Price
2163016-1000 3.016Yellow Zn1000 13.08 BGN
2163020-1000 3.020Yellow Zn1000 14.40 BGN
2163025-1000 3.025Yellow Zn1000 15.72 BGN
2163030-1000 3.030Yellow Zn1000 17.16 BGN
2163035-1000 3.035Yellow Zn1000 19.44 BGN
2163040-1000 3.040Yellow Zn1000 21.00 BGN
2163516-1000 3.516Yellow Zn1000 14.52 BGN
2163518-1000 3.518Yellow Zn1000 15.36 BGN
2163520-1000 3.520Yellow Zn1000 16.08 BGN
2163525-1000 3.525Yellow Zn1000 18.00 BGN
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Thanks to their innovative design, the KAMFIX CSK CARPENTRY SCREWS are suitable for wooden structures that are subjected to high pressure. They are used mainly in woodwork, in the furniture manufacturing, gazebos, covers and large wooden constructions.
- The countersunk head provides an aesthetic finish of the woodwork.
- The TORX drive ensures better torque if compared to PH and PZ and reduces the necessity to exert high presure.
- The cutting ribs below the head guarantee reduced turning friction of the screw.
- The shank ribs reduce the driving torque by reaming of the hole.
- Yellow zinc coating protects the screw from the environment.
- The special "type 17" point provides easy and fast penetration even in the hardest wood. In addition it prevents timber from splitting and saves time and money.



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