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Nylon Spiral Anchor for Insulation Turbo-fix, kamfix

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Article №Plug diameter, D /mm/Plug length, L /mm/Pcs in a box
Price for a box
9825 2752-50 275250 30.98 BGN
9825 2782-25 278225 29.21 BGN

Nylon Spiral Anchor Turbo-Fix

 For external thermal insulation materials EPS /expanded polystyrene/ and XPS /extruded polystyrene/. For attaching light elements to thermal insulation boards – lighting fixtures, cameras, sensors, etc. Recommended load capacity – maximum 3 kg per element. The installation of the anchor does not violate the thermal insulation integrity and does not lead to occurrence of a thermal bridging effect. The high-quality material which it is made from is resistant to external influences and variable weather conditions.

It is installed using a standard bit without need of pre-drilling.

The plug is installed by screwing via TORX 40 screw driver bit.



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