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A threaded rod, also known as a stud, is a relatively long rod that is threaded on both ends and there is no head on it. Another major difference that distinguishes studs from bolts is that bolts can have a threaded shank combined with a smooth surface under the head while studs have a fully threaded shank. According to the type of thread they are divided into metric, inch, trapezoidal, with left or right thread. These fasteners have different lengths the most common being 1m, 2m and 3m long studs. Kam 04 Ltd. studs with zinc coating, stainless steel type A2-70, as well as black, oxidized ones. We have in stock studs with strength class (4.8), (8.8) and (10.9) certified according to DIN standard 976 - the strength class is being indicated by a colour code applied to both ends. Threaded rods are a complex fastener mostly because of their universal application. They are designed to fasten elements and structures together with another fastener mainly nuts and washers. They have many advantages over bolts such as spacing many parts from each other, freedom in assembly and eliminating excess lengths on both sides of the parts. A large number of studs can be connected by means of extended nuts. Their main function is fixing. They are used in mechanical engineering, construction as well as in the installation of heavy objects to vertical surfaces. The type diversity of the studs is based on their applicability in the various spheres of the construction and repair sector.


The strength class of the threaded rods is indicated by a colour code. On their both ends a colour determining the strength class is applied.


Colour codes for the threaded rods offered by KAM-04 OOD:

Class 4.8 - no designation, no colour code

Class 8.8 – YELLOW

Class 10.9 – WHITE

Stainless steel A2 - GREEN