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Pan Head Screw Cross Recessed DIN 967 Zn 4.8, kamfix

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Article №NormDiameter, d /mm/Length, L /mm/GradePcs in a box /package/Price for a box
71011 36-1000 DIN 967М364.81000 17.16 BGN
71011 38-2000 DIN 967М384.82000 54.24 BGN
71011 310-2000 DIN 967М3104.82000 56.64 BGN
71011 312-2000 DIN 967М3124.82000 59.04 BGN
71011 316-1000 DIN 967М3164.81000 30.12 BGN
71011 320-1000 DIN 967М3204.81000 34.08 BGN
71011 325-1000 DIN 967М3254.81000 34.32 BGN
71011 46-1000 New size DIN 967М464.81000 32.28 BGN
71011 48-500 New size DIN 967М484.8500 16.80 BGN
71011 410-500 New size DIN 967М4104.8500 17.16 BGN
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A bolt with a half-round head and a wide head collar according to DIN 967. The wide head collar provides a large pressing area against the material. It is widely used in assemblies to various types of boards and light constructions.

 The main application of DIN 967 bolts with M4 diameter is in the installation of furniture handles therefore they are well known as "Furniture Handle Bolt".


Carbon galvanized steel with a strength of 4.8



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